Video from the Stop 440 Community Meeting

How would you respond to a threat of your very way of life?
Many residents of Granada Hills are preparing to defend their lifestyle – the suburban setting, the single family homes, the yards, the view of the mountains, all at a relatively affordable price.

Harridge Development is proposing a very dense, very massive mixed-use project at the corner of San Fernando Mission and Woodley Avenue, with 440 apartments over retail space.
This will bring rapid urbanization, with its problems of traffic, parking issues, overcrowding of schools and public services.

The Stop440 Alliance has brought together the community to fight against it — too big, too much, too dense. Reasonable developement there would be accepted, but this feels like bringing downtown to the suburbs — it just doesn’t fit!

This meeting raised funds to pay for land-use experts to help in the fight, and discussed strategies for the one and only public hearing scheduled by the City, February 7th at 10;45 AM, at 6262 Van Nuys Blvd, 91401.

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  1. Dear Rep: We have been residents of Granada Hills for the past 6+ years. I would like to state that the proposed construction of 440 apartments in Granada Hills (corner of San Fernando Mission and Woodley) is a bad idea, since it would negatively impact the quality of life for the existing residents and put unnecessary pressure on the existing infrastructure. We vehemently oppose this idea and would like to vote against the building of such a community. In case such a community needs to be built, it should be built in open spaces of land away from Granada Hills. Granada Hills is already crowded and building another 440 apartments would greatly take away from the quality of life and put pressure on the existing schooling system and the infrastructure. Thanks.

  2. There are plenty of open space in the Porter Ranch area. Develop there and leave areas that are already densely populated

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